After 31 years of medical practice in Jacksonville, Florida, Dr. Jack L. Greider, Jr. is retiring from the Southeastern Hand & Thumb Center, effective June 1, 2013.  Dr. Greider will be looking forward to other pursuits and different opportunities to teach hand surgery in the future.

Here is the Medical Release Form you must fill out and submit.  After receiving your signed release, your records will be released to you. All medical records will be housed at the Southeastern Hand & Thumb Center 6100 Kennerly Road, Suite 202, until further notice.  Many heartfelt thanks to the tens of thousands of patients over the years who placed both their hands and trust in Dr. Jack Greider.


Welcome to ThumbDr.com, the web site devoted to diagnosing and caring for your thumb.

Do you have thumb pain?  Arthritis of the thumb, injuries to the thumb and fingers and other hand problems are all treated by hand surgeons; most often orthopedic surgeons who specialize in problems of the hand.  A variety of treatments are available for thumb pain once the cause is diagnosed by the hand specialist. 

The thumb is the most important digit of the hand, accounting for 40% of its function.  When it is injured or develops arthritis and pain, simple tasks such as opening a jar, turning a key, or even pinching become difficult or impossible.  As an Orthopedic Hand Surgeon with over thirty years experience I have treated thousands of patients with thumb problems and have taken a special interest in restoring painless use of their thumbs.

Please browse our site to learn more about your thumb. Should you desire a personal, complimentary evaluation of your thumb please call (855) ThumbDr for your appointment.  After all, a “Bum Thumb” can be a real pain.